Hello there!

Hey, I'm Kevin Oh. I’m currently working on building Plosive, a pre-launch application for school-based speech-language pathologists to do their best work.

Previously, I was working as a Front-End Engineer with the awesome team at HomeLight: Home Loans working on our collective mission to make real estate transactions simple, certain, and satisfying. 🏠. There, I worked on a variety of data-intensive internal tools (React + Typescript) to improve the loan application process, such as a dynamic internal report viewing tool, a revamped applicant income review screen to resolve and intuitively display a variety of complex financial data points, a redesigned messaging tool to improve the internal/public messaging experience, a VA Loan review module to help us offer a new loan product to veterans, a redesign initiative to de-dupe, deprecate, and unify our design system to use a single system, and more. I also helped co-lead a number of public-facing projects, like reworking the front-end signup & data ingestion flow to support an updated data model, updating the document ingestion flow to be more reliable and intuitive for borrowers, and more. Behind the scenes, I helped to curate the build system, removing our reliance on deprecated dependencies, updating major codebases to more modern Node versions, vetting and updating our Webpack configuration, as well as vetting, championing, integrating, and socializing new tools to help speed our workflow (Yup.JS, FormikJS, Carbon Design System, etc).

Before that, I worked with the excellent team at Nulab πŸ’». There, I had the opportunity to help build out the greenfield prototype of a complete rewrite of their collaborative diagramming tool, Cacoo, in VueJS with Typescript and GraphQL. As part of this project, I helped build out a suite of initial components for the application chrome, toolbars, links, and other atomic design elements. I also helped to define the front-end conventions and tooling that were adopted, including the creation of a novel declarative approach to help manage the complex z-indexing involved in a multi-layered modern application (dropdowns, tooltips, modals, etc). I also worked on creating 5+ websites using Hugo, “Roots-flavored” WordPress, and Zendesk, including work to implement A/B Testing variations, Hotjar integrations, and other miscellaneous marketing web development work.

A while ago, I built a Chrome extension called NightMessenger that peaked at 30,000 users before some external breaking changes led to the decision to sunset the project. Before that, I had co-founded Adelie, a web development shop that has since rolled back client-based operations to focus on building Plosive.app, as mentioned above.

On the side, I also help out as a mod over at /r/webdev and /r/webdesign.


Whatcha workin on?

  • Read about my projects here.

What technologies are you studying?

I’ve been diving into the deeper end of TypeScript. Post on that Soon. ℒ️ Or maybe not. Who knows.

I’m also currently studying:

  • Go, for use in Appledore, a personal relationships manager I’m working on building,
  • Laravel, for use in Keys, a configurator tool for mechanical keyboards (among other things)
  • Strapi, for incredibly rapid back-end scaffolding for content-centric sites
  • Blender, for 3D animations and visuals, with particular interest about potential exports to WebGL/similar
  • Godot, for game development. I recently made an iOS recreation of an old mini-game from the video game Jak 2, and it was far more intuitive than I thought it’d be.

Someday, I’d like to learn more about: TensorFlow & ML, D3, K8, and blob fishes.

Preferred Tools & Tech

I use VSCode Insider Edition, Chrome, and iTerm2. I prefer working on an 2021 M1 Max MacBook Pro. The Keychron C1 is a fantastic device for the price.

Shout-out to my parents, Kelly μΆ˜μ‹€ Kim and 였λͺ…남. You taught me patience, tact, persistence, wisdom, and selflessness. Shout-out to the awesome, ambitious people at the Adelie Developer’s Group, the subreddit moderation teams, HLHL and Nulab. I’m better for having met every one of y’all. ❀️