Hey, I'm Kevin Oh. Currently working as a Front-End Engineer with the team at HomeLight. Previously, I worked with the excellent team at Nulab. I built a Chrome extension called NightMessenger, a CLI tool to complement the PM tool Backlog, and lead a Slack-based study group that focuses on building projects to gain practical experience with modern web development technologies.

I co-founded Adelie, a web development shop that has since rolled back client-based operations to focus on building internal services & open source projects.

On the side, I also serve as a mod over at /r/webdev and /r/webdesign.


Read about my projects here.

What technologies are you studying?

I’m currently working with React (TSX) w/ Go on various projects. NextJS and gin-gonic are awesome.

Outside interests?

I like writing. I also upload stuff to YouTube sometimes.

I’m also currently studying:

  • investing, because it’s a fascinating data-driven discipline
  • music production (w/ Ableton Live), because it’s a childhood dream to make a great song
  • game design, because I feel like it’s the ultimate medium of expression

Someday, I’d like to learn more about: TensorFlow & ML, D3, K8, and blob fishes. I have a heart for education - I think the current system is perhaps 1/50th of what it could be - and one day hope to make a change in the industry.

Preferred Tools & Tech

I use VSCode Insider Edition, Chrome, and iTerm2. I prefer working on an 2019 MacBook Pro, an M1 Macbook Air, and a base-level Mac Mini. I just picked up a Keychron K2 and am a big fan.

  • Shout-out to my parents, Kelly 춘실 Kim and 오명남. You taught me patience, true humility, persistence, grace, and selflessness. Shout-out to the awesome, ambitious people at the Adelie Developer’s Group. It’s been a pleasure meeting all of you. Lastly, to my talented colleagues at Homelight and formerly, Nulab. Working alongside every one of you is a pleasure.