My name is Kevin Oh.

Or, @aflashyrhetoric.

I’m a front-end developer based in New York. Currently working as a Front-End Engineer with the excellent team at Nulab. I lead a Slack-based study group that focuses on building projects to gain practical experience with modern web development technologies. I co-founded Adelie, a web development shop that has since rolled back client-based operations to focus on building internal services & open source projects.

On the side, I also serve as a mod over at /r/webdev and /r/webdesign.


Read about my projects HERE.

What technologies are you studying?

I’m currently working with Golang, VueJS, and ReactJS on various projects. I’m also studying Amazon Web Services, Jenkins, Docker, and systems design.

Outside interests?

I’m a hobbyist writer and blogger, mostly. I also upload stuff to YouTube sometimes.

I’m also currently studying:

  • video editing / screencasting, to create helpful webdev-related YouTube content
  • music production (w/ Ableton Live), because it’s a childhood dream to make a great song
  • game design, because I feel like it’s the ultimate medium of expression
  • photography, because life’s too beautiful not to capture
  • web scraping to glean huge amounts of data rapidly
  • Japanese

Someday, I’d like to learn more about: TensorFlow, machine learning, the stock market, special relativity, StarCraft 2, and blob fishes.

Preferred Tools & Tech

I use Sublime Text 3 w/ vim keybindings. Chrome, iTerm2. For PHP and rapid reliable development, I love Laravel. For Go, I use Gin + React. VueJS is also amazingly easy to use.

Other technologies I’ve used include: Vuex, GraphQL, Typescript, Webpack, NPM & NPM scripts, NodeJS, zsh, Ruby on Rails.

Project management tools I’ve used include: Backlog, Github w/ Github Projects, Gitlab, Asana, Trello.

Random Fun Facts

  • My favorite non-fiction author is Malcolm Gladwell
  • Our president is illiterate
  • I detest almonds and you should do because yes they’re healthy but let’s face it, they taste like brick if brick was edible and that sickly aftertaste is out of this world, not in a good way, like in an alien way because the flavor is so foreign and hard to tolerate

  • Shout-out to my parents, Kelly 춘실 Kim and 오명남. You taught me patience, true humility, persistence, grace, and selflessness. Shout-out to the awesome, ambitious people at the Adelie Developer’s Group. It’s been a pleasure meeting all of you. Lastly, to my talented colleagues and Nulab. Working alongside every one of you is a pleasure.