Learning Persistence

by Kevin Oh

June 1st, 2015, 6pm

I pause the Javascript tutorial I’m watching, then I close the tab. ES6 can wait until tomorrow - it’s just a hobby anyway.

I glance at the thirty-something Chrome tabs I have open and just now notice the whirring fan, the heat emanating off the keyboard. I click OneTab to save them all and watch as they disappear, one-by-one, as fast as Chrome’s speedy little brain can manage.


I roll off the couch onto the floor and sit up. The carpet is rough, but the change of posture feels nice.

Huh, it’s still bright out. It’s still weird after what felt like a 10-month winter. I look at the clouds and remember an old article about how true randomness can be satisfactorily simulated by measuring weather conditions in the air and using the resultant constant as a seed in a formula. Something like that, anyways.

The sink is full of dirty dishes. Move dissimilar plates to the side, group all similar ones. Wash one big cup first, followed by utensils. Store clean utensils in the initial clean cup.

Hot water is better at breaking the chemical bonds that cause stubborn food crumbs to adhere to plates. It’s also better for washing away dish soap. Begin by bombarding the sponge with hot water for at least 1 minute to kill latent bacteria - I read somewhere that this is just as effective as microwaving the sponge.

Clean dishes by starting with the similar plates. After they’re clean, the newly added sink real estate makes it easier to handle the irregular plates. Soon before finishing, fill up the Brita pitcher so it has time to filter.

Eh. Laundry hamper is getting full. No real way to speed that up except by using Quick Wash 25 Minute. I don’t have expensive clothes - I don’t need Deluxe Permanent Press.

Sit down at the PC. Hover over the League of Legends icon. Double-click and login. Look at the clock. It’d be dark by the time I finish a game. I close my eyes and wonder if losing a game would demoralize me and hurt my willingness to resume studying tomorrow. Wonder if I have the discipline and resolve to study anyway, like a real coder would. Close the game because I don’t want to risk it.

No new emails. Nothing on Kakaotalk, Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram. Open and close Reddit.

Navigate to my OneTab dashboard and selectively restore my Javascript tutorial video. Pause. Navigate to iTerm and try out different fonts. Settle on Inconsolata, like always.

cd ~/projects; ls

Heh. Train.

cd ~/projects/js-sandbox2
sublime .

Change the font to Inconsolata to match.

// testModule.js
module.exports = newFunction;

// main.js
import 'newFunction' from './testModule';

Hmm. site:reddit.com/r/webdev webpack tutorial

Eh. site:stackoverflow.com webpack error


brew install nvm
nvm install 6.9.10
nvm use 6.9.10
touch .nvmrc; echo '6.9.10' >> .nvmrc
git add -A; git commit -m "lol"; gp

Copy and paste gulpfile.js because webpack.config.js is still not working out. I’m sleepy…

June 7th, 2015

Webpack is working now.

June 10th, 2015

hahah never mind

January 15th, 2016

I read about how people are starting to 3D print food. Realized that one day, burger.make(toppings) may very well be real.

Realize that the argument:

yeah code is fun for tinkering and little apps, but you can’t code a burger into existence and feed the hungry

will soon be severely demoted from a fundamental truism to absolute pedantry.


Look at my TeamTreehouse billing history. Browse LinkedIn and notice my friends 2-year work anniversary. Browse instagram and notice my friends traveling around the world. Switch back to Terminal to a sea of red error messages.

Navigate to Laracasts.com to study the latest Laravel updates. Back hurts a bit.

Mm, try not to cry.

June 19th, 2016

It’s my birthday. Udemy doesn’t offer coupon codes for birthdays, though.

June 20th, 2016.

OK, OK, what is this ReactJS thing about?

June 21th, 2016.

It’d be nice to have an application to help me manage job applications. Like everything in one place, like a mosaic! It can be a suite of tools to help you manage your job applications.

June 22nd, 2016

Mosaic Suite. Hm.

mkdir mosu

July 5th, 2016

git add -A;
git commit -m "Readme updated to Mosu 0.1.0"

“Good enough for now.”

July 6th, 2016

No, no, I’ll keep working.

July 12, 2016. 4:39PM

Hello Kevin. Thank you for your application. We would like you to interview at our office in NYC.

Look outside. Try not to cry.

Flip through Spotify. Decide that if I get the position, I’ll listen to Cashmere Cat’s song, “With Me” on repeat.

July 29, 2016. 10:11PM

Hello Kevin. Congratulations.

I hit play, and walk.

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