by Kevin Oh

This list is updated regularly.

This is a list of project ideas that are either planned or in progress (but not complete enough to warrant inclusion on the main projects page).

Name Description Technologies Status
Pay Up Manage debts among friends, roommates, or housemates Go API, ReactJS WIP
ADG Community Site A place to showcase the Adelie Developer’s Group’s many talents GatsbyJS, Popmotion, GlamorJS WIP
Windfall A web scraper that parses a variety of social networks and does sentiment analysis to make predictions about stock performance, and then uses actual stock performance data to learn which sources are the best for making predictions. Laravel or Go + Scrapy + ReactJS + TensorFlow + Twitter/Tumblr/Reddit APIs L
Personal animated SVG An animated personal logo for L
Go + ReactJS Mosu Refactor Swap out Laravel with Go + Gin. Go & Gin P
NightBook A Chrome extension that provides a night mode for Javascript N
Flight A hyper-simple workout assistance app ReactJS N

Project Status Legend

Key Meaning
N Not yet started
L Learning necessary technologies
P Paused
WIP Work in progress, but significant progress not yet achieved
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