a collection of stuff i've worked on, past and present.


Born out of a frustration with generic product recommendations, Archetype attempts to curate specialized bundles of products for specific archetypes of users.

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Explore and create shareable mechanical keyboard builds, coordinate group-buys, and more.

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I spent two full months building a hyper-personalized dashboard application for myself so I could save, like, 3 minutes here and there.

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night messenger

Night Messenger was a Chrome extension offering an (unofficial) dark theme for At its peak, it was used by over 30k concurrent daily active users.

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archived projects

projects that have since been sunset or thrown into an incinerator for crimes against coding conventions

adelie developer's group

Once a dedicated study group, the Adelie Developer's Group has become more of a small online hub of developers who discuss the craft, share resources and thoughts, and support each other through the power of friendship (but mostly JS tips)

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Backlog CLI

An unofficial command line utility for using Backlog, a project management tool.

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milton bros

An exercise in character & graphic design. I experimented with simple shapes, colors, and shadows to try and create unique, flashy characters. I've made better things since, please believe me.

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Mosu (now a retired project) helps you manage your job hunt by keeping track of your current job applications, resumes & documents, recruiter contacts, and more.

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