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A project-oriented web-development study collective

🚨 A Note

  • Since the community first formed, many of ADG’s members have since gone onto gainful full-time employment and I’ve had the bitter-sweet realization that the group was no longer needed - not in its current form, to its current roster of members.
  • While this isn’t quite “software” and I’d be happy to see the group evolve into something else, the chat group that was is due for a proper sunsetting. To those who were there through it all - thank you for sharing your knowledge, experiences, and stories. You were an inspiration and I’m honored to have met you all. Hope to see you in the next life. Or maybe on Discord 😉

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The Adelie Developer’s Group was an online, Slack-based study group for web development.

The group is beginner-friendly and project-oriented. Currently, some of the members are working on individual developer portfolio websites using modern front-end tooling and best practices.

Group Information & Resources

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Introduction To The Group
Adelie YouTube Channel

We use Slack, HackMD, Github, CodePen, YouTube, and other collaborative tools to communicate, share design inspiration, tips, coding help and feedback, and more.

Currently, slots are closed to keep the community small, but inactive members are routinely removed, so you can join the waiting list by emailing me at Thanks!

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