Backlog CLI

a cli tool for backlog

Backlog CLI

An (unofficial) command line utility for working with Backlog, a tool by Nulab, Inc.


  • Be easy to “plug and play.”
  • Provide shortcuts for a subset of your most frequently repeated actions, rather than achieving complete feature parity. In other words, it is designed to be a complement to Backlog, rather than a replacement for it.

Main Features

  • Quickly create, view, and open pull requests in the browser for your current branch & issue
    • blg pr create [-b BRANCH_TO_MERGE_TO]
    • blg pr ls
    • blg pr open
  • View and open your latest notifications
    • blg n
  • Quickly access misc links
    • blg me to list links related to your user account.

Planned Features & Roadmap

  • Create new issues, browse existing issues, and open issues in the browser
  • Get quick access to content on your dashboard (your pull requests and issues)

Built with

  • Golang, Cobra, Aurora, and the Backlog API.

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