Minimize the stress of the job hunt.

LinkedIn, Hired, Vettery, Indeed, Monster……🙅‍♀️

Mosu (NOW RETIRED) arose out of my personal frustration with the process of job hunting. There are something like a dozen different “job board” websites, each with their own quirks. I found myself running around between ten different accounts, trying to remember which job applications were in which “state”:

  • Saved, or “To Be Applied To”
  • Application sent
  • Currently interviewing
  • Successfully received an offer

The experience was complete 💩 . I decided to build a tool for myself to manage the chaos, since I figured the job search would last at least a few months.

I sat down with some coffee and planned an organization app. The idea was that each Job Application goes through a pipeline, compromised of the 4 “states” mentioned above.

I used Laravel to build a back-end API for a user system, as well as a basic CRUD application for saving “job applications.” ReactJS was used on the front-end to display data and allow users to manage their job applications, keeping track of information like salary, location (of the position), whether it was a remote position, URLs to the job posting online, and the state of the application. Color indicators allowed you to see, at a glance, what status a particular job application was in.

I have since taken down the pre-alpha application (which used to reside at to work on a proper alpha version. With some simple promotion, I managed to acquire around 20 semi-regular users, who, after about a year, stopped using the app - hopefully they got a job!

Planned Features (RETIRED)

This project is archived. Below are an overview of ideas I had for cool features to add.

Integration with LinkedIn ::

LinkedIn is the de-facto “home base” for job-seekers. LinkedIn integration would allow for simple sign up and login, and the ability to pull any existing data you may have.

Saving Documents

I’m not out to create another Dropbox, but some basic file storage might come in handy for things like resumes.

Aggregate Job Board

Different job boards have different job listings. Viewing them in one place could come in very, very handy.

“Live Apply” Chrome Extension

Each “job board” site requires different pieces of information. Some require a “long bio” while others prohibit biographies that are longer than 200 words or so.

Write your content all in one place, and visit a job listing. The Chrome extension can detect your current website and show only the relevant information.

NOTE: Mosu is not actively maintained and is not compliant with the newest GDPR regulations.

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