Pay Up

Easily track debts between you and your roommates. (iOS)

Track debts between roommates

Anyone whose lived in a dorm or an apartment knows that debts can pile up fast between roommates. And they’re not always neat little sums of $10.

After a few pizza nights, a round of beers, 5 months of rent and utilities, and so on, remembering “who owes who how much” is pretty much a hopeless pipe dream.

A spreadsheet can keep track of everything, but somebody has to be the unlucky one tracking all the receipts.

There’s a better way. We have the technology.

Enter: Pay Up! It’s 100% intended to be a “use it and forget it” tool. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, open PayUp and make an account.
  2. Do a one-time configuration: how many roommates are there in your place?
  3. Buy some stuff. Keep your receipts!
  4. Open Pay Up, and enter the total cost.
  5. If everything is going to be split evenly, then you’re done! All debts will be split amongst everyone evenly and the purchaser (the one who paid) will get their fair share.
  6. Otherwise, you can select specific items from your receipt to have a custom split. John isn’t going to be using the makeup? Easy - remove him from the makeup item and the cost will be split evenly amongst the others.
  7. At the end of the month - or whenever you prefer - settle your debts with Venmo! (Or Zelle, for larger payments).

There are other planned features in development, like:

  • Ability to take a photo of the receipt to easily customize items and extract totals
  • Improved UI to customize purchases either additively or subtractively for faster entry

More news to come!

Built with ❤️ from Adelie. Built using Go, Gin, & React Native.

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