untitled platformer

a platforming game built with the Godot game engine

Games are the art, music, dialog, and interactivity. I’ve always wanted to see what I would be able to produce.

After years of intermittently trying and giving up on other game engines like Unity and Unreal, I found Godot. It’s node-based approach made sense to me, and I was off to the races.

The project is on pause while I work on plosive, but far from abandoned in my heart. 😄

I coded the game world’s physics like gravity, friction, air friction, and jump physics and built the levels using some asset packs for prototyping. I also added a few interesting platforming mechanics, like a bubble dash and wall slides and wall hops and teleportation bubbles.

I was able to layer in environmental effects like rain using Godot’s particle features, with audio mixing and audio ducking when inside of a bubble, and other awesome polish features.

In total, there are 4 “screens” that the player character can traverse through, but a skilled platforming player would be able to breeze through the areas in around 30 seconds, so more levels are needed.

A lot remains, of course - a game is leaps beyond just its core mechanics. I’ve got initial ideas for a story, soundtracks and vibes, as well as a slew of new mechanics and world mechanics that I think will be mind-bendingly interesting involving forced perspective and set theory and rudimentary logic gates.

But promises are cheap - I hope to launch this at some point - realistically - within the next decade. See you then 🙃

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